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Q: How do I know if the Battery needs replaced?

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I left the lights on and ran the battery totally down. I jump started the car and as soon as I put it in gear it died, I jumped it off again and let it run and took it to the auto store. They checked the battery and said it was good just showed needing a charge. They jumped me off and every time I went to pull out it would die. Then they checked again and it showed bad battery. I finally got it started and drove it home and put it on the charger. it charged to 100% and the car started. How can I tell if that's all it needed or if it is needing replaced or something else?

My car has 195000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

After the battery was discharged and the battery was jump started the engine stalling is normal until the computer relearns the idle again. If after recharging the battery to 100% the battery should be retested to make sure it passes testing. You cannot test a low or discharged battery and get a good test result. You may not have anymore problems as long as the battery tests good. It may take a few days of driving to get the engine running like it did before running battery down.

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