Q: How can tires inflated right and feel firm look like they're low on air?

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Is it the alloy wheels that make tires appear low?...I also heard it could be the weight of the engine or the weather...In short, my tires are brand new BF Goodrich Advantage tires...Do my tires need more inflation?

My car has 84952 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Your vehicle uses 60 series tires which are relatively low profile. That, combined with the fact that all modern passenger vehicle tires are radial tires, can make it appear as if the tire is low on air and the wheel is "too" close to the pavement even as everything is normal in terms of air pressure. It is easy to confirm what the status of the tires is using an ordinary air pressure gauge. Check your pressures against the required tire pressures that are printed on a label that is on the pillar surrounding the front door. Now that winter has arrived, just remember that for every drop of 10 degrees in the outdoor temperature the air pressure in your tires drops by 1 pound per square inch (psi). So, if you checked your air pressure on a nice sunny Saturday and it was 50 degrees outside, if two weeks later, it is 10 degrees, the air pressure in your tires will have dropped by 4 PSI. It’s burdensome to keep adjusting the pressure, so the best thing to do is assume temperatures will be at some average over the winter and adjust accordingly. The other thing of importance is to regularly rotate your tires. If you desire tire rotation, you can request that service from YourMechanic.

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