Q: Hello Steven I have a few questions I need answers to concerning my 2004 cts 3.6L

asked by on January 10, 2017
  1. I have a power steering problem I leave streaks when I'm making sharp turns constantly have to refill the power steering twice a week..

  2. My windshield wipers only shuts off when I take the fuse out.. what may be the cause of that?

Steering Rack/Gearbox Replacement $339.16 - $2175.97 Get a Quote
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Turn Signal Switch Replacement $118.65 - $996.94 Get a Quote

As for your power steering issue, it sounds like you might have a leak on your rack and pinion if it only leaks during hard turns. I would recommend having an oil/fluid leak inspection performed on your vehicle to determine the exact source of the leak. Consider YourMechanic for this inspection as it can be done at your home or office. As for the wiper issue, it sounds like you have a short in the system preventing the wipers from turning off without removing power all together. The most likely cause of this issue would be a faulty multi-function switch. This is the on/off switch for your wipers and the most likely place to have a short in the system. I would recommend having this switch tested for proper function to detemine if the short exists within it.

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