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I changed a brake line in the back of the truck I believe it's supposed to be a quarter inch but the brake line I use would take 3/16 wall that give it a Knouff of a restructuring the cause of the antilock braking system not to work properly

Hi There, If I am understanding your question correctly, it sounds like you have used a slightly smaller brake line (inside diameter) on your truck than the original brake line resulting in a bit more constrictive brake fluid flow. As you may know, the brake fluid creates hydraulic pressure which is what forces the brake caliper pistons to come of the caliper and press against the pads which then press against the rotor resulting in the stopping power you are familiar with when pressing the brake pedal. I would recommend having a professional from YourMechanic come to your location to diagnose and inspect your truck braking system to determine the proper repair for this.

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