Q: Had oil changed, filter was not put in correctly and now have a p0014 code.

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Had oil changed in car. Drove several days and started to run rough and smell something burning. Had a friend come check it. The filter was not in correctly, oil all over everything and a quart low. Replaced the filter and added oil. Next day check engine light came on with code p0014 cam shaft over advanced timing. Took back to shop that changed the oil and told them what happened. They cleared the code added more oil and said it should be fine. The check engine light came on again next day, same code. They told me the code has nothing to do with filter not being put in right and low oil. I'm not sure that is true. What are your thoughts? My main question is who should pay to have the car fixed? Shop said next oil change is free.

My car has 50000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. This article on what the P-0014 OBD-II trouble code is, what causes it and how it is resolved might shed some light on this issue. The only item that may have caused damage to this sensor would be this section from the article; "The oil viscosity is excessive causing the passages to become clogged, causing oil flow to and from the camshaft phasers to be restrictive." The filter is a critical component of the engine’s lubrication system. If it was not correctly installed, it most likely created a low oil pressure issue, but it would also have created additional heat inside the motor as the oil level dropped. This may have caused the camshaft position senor to be damaged; but I would guess the likelihood of this would be less than 25%, as damage due to excessive oil (too much) typically creates this problem).

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