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Ok so my car has been fine all week a little jerk here and there today all the sensory lights came on signal light not working properly... so I went and put gas in car it starts fine but the sensory things are still going off

My car has 12000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

If the Check Engine Light, or Service Engine Soon light, has illuminated, it is best to get a Check Engine Light diagnostic. During such a diagnostic, a certified Mechanic, dispatched by YourMechanic right to your location, will read the trouble codes that were set because of the malfunction on your car. Once the Mechanic has those codes, he or she basically has to troubleshoot (test) the individual components that are identified in the specific codes (there can be quite a few components) to figure out exactly what has gone wrong. Once the trouble is tracked down, the repair is made but obviously the mechanic will first explain the problem in detail and let you know of the cost to repair. As far as the turn signal, that could be a blown bulb, a faulty flasher unit, stalk mounted switch or a wiring issue. That can be diagnosed and repaired if you request a turn signal diagnostic. You can schedule an appointment with YourMechanic to get these problems fixed by using YourMechanic’s website and/or the toll free customer service number, 1-888-907-0182.

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If it fuse number 24 in the engine fuse box that is blowing then the problem is most likely the fuel pump in the fuel tank is drawing too many amps and will need to be replaced.

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