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Well, when traveling every once in a while, the front end I think it is the right side pops and it sounds like the axil teeth are grinding as though it has popped out of place and is riding on top of the other teeth where it came out of and then all by itself it clunks back in place! I never notice any loss of drive momentem or power just a slight grinding sound it seems to go back in i. It happens at slow speeds and pops back in if I come to a full stop, very wierd! thats all I can discribe to you do you or have you ever heard this and what if any is the fix! If you could you make this a two for and suggest to me the repair of the same car on the highway , handling is sometimes very precarious as I hit a pot whole and or uneven road surface the vehicle starts to want to go all over ! I have had all the shocks just replaced and everything else was checked for wear! Could it be the sway bars can they be detected when in the shop under inspection! man I need a good mechanics opinio

My car has 80000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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