Q: Frequent flickering of interior / dash board lights.

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I have a problem with flickering interior lights/dashboard illumination. This now happens rather frequently. In one instance I decided to floor the accelerator pedal to check how the engine would react. Car responded very well but at high rpm it jerked once or twice. A little while later at the fuel station while idling and waiting to be served, the car just went dead. All lights went off like the battery was disconnected. In less than 3 mins, lights came back on their own and I was able to start and operate vehicle normally. I am wondering what the problem is ?

My car has 55000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Your car has about a dozen modules spread around the body that control various functions. I have dealt with a similar problem in the past and eventually found a connector on one of the SAM’s (signal acquisition modules) that was not pushed all the way onto it’s socket. When the car hit a bump, it would temporarily lose many of its electrical functions. Finding this kind of problem can be very time consuming because the electrical system of your car is so complicated. But the diagnosis would begin at the batteries and charging system and work through the car. If you contact Your Mechanic, they can send a technician to your home or office to check out your Mercedes and tell you what it will take to solve your problem.

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