Q: Engine shut off after smoking and won't turn on now.

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After driving for an hour and a half to get to my parents house I turned off my car then realized I had leave bavk out right away so I turned it right back on but it started making a weird noise so I turned it back off but it was still making a sound so I turned it back on and left it on thinking maybe that'll stop the sound but it still made a sound so I just went into my parents house to leaving the car on with this strange sound. I came back out after 15 mins of being in my moms house with my car outside making a strange noise I came back out again but the car was shut off and smoking from the engine so I tried to start it back on but it wouldn't start at all but the smoking stopped after about 5 mins so I thought maybe I just flooded the engine so I tried again after waiting for about an hour but it still won't start. Please give me an ideas in what may be wrong mechanics are not open today but I plan on getting it towed on Monday.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. The battery has burned up, the alternator has burned up, or the starter has burned up causing the engine to not start up. If the vehicle was running with a clicking sound and then the engine has stalled with smoke coming from the engine compartment for 5 minutes, then I suspect that the alternator has burned up the windings inside it and overheated the battery. I recommend seeking out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you with your smoke coming from the engine compartment.

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