Q: Do you think clutch can burn out within a year of the car being manufactured? How could this happen? Thank you.

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I bought my car in November last year and have driven 4000 miles in it, totalling 8000. Car broke down and repair centre say that my clutch has burnt out. Warranty will not cover this and audi are not helping me, as they say its a fault of my own. How do you think a clutch could burn out within the first year of the car being manufactured? I know it isnt my driving style as I've been driving for years and have never had this problem. Thanks for your help :-)

My car has 8000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hi There, 8,000 miles on a burnt clutch is certainly a premature failure of the clutch. While there are many reasons this may have happened, getting Audi to warranty this may be a different battle and will be something you would need to address with the Audi dealership. Typically, the clutch slipping occurs when the clutch is in between fully depressed or fully released that bears the most wear. Many people do this without realizing it. Many people also unintentionally use the clutch pedal as a place to rest their foot when driving, however so slight, this will still cause the clutch to slip slightly causing it to burn prematurely. If you would like a second opinion on the condition of your clutch, you may wish to schedule an appointment with one of our qualified experts here at YourMechanic.

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