Q: CVT stop and go issue

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So i just bought 04 murano, driving a couple hours away its fine at highway speeds. Since its a cvt I kind of ease the throttle from a stop position, it kind of rumbles a little until I get to about 20-30mph but drives fine. My wife's first time driving it she came to a stop then pressed the gas and it wouldn't move, so I jumped in drivers side and held the gas down til it started moving. Thing is there's no codes, and when I ease in from a stop it never happens to me. I know it could be a problem with the cvt as it is with a lot of muranos. My question is if I drive it like I have been and not with a heavy foot like how you can can in regular automatic transmissions could it save me from replacing it for awhile?Also is it a sensor in the valve body that causes that lag in the cvt? So far it only happens in stop and go driving conditions

My car has 100000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Wolton. Thanks for contacting us today. In most cases, the issues with CVT transmissions is related to damaged inner seals due in large part, to excessive heat build-up - which is why your symptoms appear in heavy traffic or stop and go. In regards to extending life-span through driving, I really can’t offer any advice here, as we don’t know the exact source of your problem. It’s better to either bite the bullet and get this fixed or replace the vehicle.

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