Q: Cracked trans case on 2014 Ford escape se.

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My wife ran over a parking space end marker and cracked the case on our transmission near the rear axle. Any ideas how much this will cost to fix and/or what else could have happened to the CVT when she hit that?

My car has 103000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Josh. Thanks for contacting us tonight. It must have been a pretty good hit to crack the CVT case - or hit at just the right spot. Assuming that the car is driving fine now, the only potential issues down the line might be transmission mounts that will wear out prematurely, as misalignment would be rather obvious as the CVT would likely not work correctly or you’d feel an extreme vibration while accelerating. I would first contact your insurance company to determine what they’d suggest for repairs, as in most cases, a "road hazard" like you’ve described would be covered (minus deductible). If you choose to replace the case, you’re essentially replacing the entire unit, so the cost of that on a 2014 Escape is likely to approach $1,500 at most transmission shops.

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