Coolant leaking and overheating, car also shut off on me....

Q: Coolant leaking and overheating, car also shut off on me.. could it be my water pump?

asked by on February 26, 2017

My car was squeaking..I pulled out from getting gas my steering wheel froze up on me and couldnt turn. Checked under hood was a little smoke. My friend opened coolant tank and its sprayed everywhere. This guy told me i needed a new tension pulley for belt as it was off track im assuming. He put water in coolant tank and told me i would have to fill up later. Next morning i put coolant to fill. Car kept going to H Ipulled over cooled down engine. Next day i added more coolant as i noticed it was lower and going towards H again. Then it died on me at the drivethru. AT H i just drove home. Stopping every few minutes. Leaking coolant everywhere. Horrible. Im home and notice its leaking down and coming off the passenger side. Could it be my water pump? Or could the guy who fixed my pulley maybe pulled something from its place or something. Thats really all I can think of. Never had an overheating or leaking problem before it.

My car has 130000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The coolant leak could be coming from the water pump weep hole (indicates that the seal is bad), a coolant hose that is split or loose on the clamps, a split radiator, or the radiator could be plugged up causing the coolant to not cycle properly. If you have fixed the water leak and the engine continues to overheat, then the thermostat could be not opening or the head gaskets could be burned. If you need further assistance with your coolant leaking and the engine overheating, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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