Q: Car starts, shakes then Dies out within seconds!

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My car started shaking and started to smell like rotten eggs as I came to a red light, 1 mile away from my house. The car stopped shaking as I picked up speed and only shook when I came to a stop sign or red light. I did about 4 stops before I arrived at my home. I tried to turn my car on 1 hr later, to see if the problem continued, and it started, then began to shake and then died out within seconds. I tried 2 more times, and the car just cranked but did not turn on.. I tried to turn it on later that night, and again, the car started the first time, but instantly started shaking and died within seconds. I tried 2 more times to turn in on and it just cranked again, but did not turn on... I was told could be my Mass Air Flow Sensor or something with my fuel system.... Any ideas? Anything is greatly appreciated!

My car has 182000 miles.
My car's transmission is unknown to me.

Hi there. The dreaded rotten egg smell is caused by either a clutch that is damaged or the catalytic converter that needs to be replaced. I would recommend before you take your car to any repair facility or attempt any repairs; first have a professional mechanic come to your location and complete a car starts then dies inspection. This will allow them to pinpoint the source of your issues and recommend the right repairs.

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