Q: Car not blowing out heat and overheating

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My van warms up all the way but when I cut the heat on cold air blows out . So I cut the heat back off and just started driving while driving the van temperature started to go up to the H and I tried cutting the air on again while the van temperature needle was going up to the H and it still was blowing out cold air so I cut it back off and I put my car in Reverse and started backing up and the temperature needle started to go back down.. help me please!!

My car has 188000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

You need to check the engine for being low on coolant. If it i low then have system pressure tested to look for and find the leak so it can be fixed. If the coolant is not low then you will need to replace the thermostat and then recheck heater and engine operation.

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