Q: Buying a new used truck.

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I am currently looking at two ram 1500 sport editions. One is a 2012 with 51000 miles for 23000 and the other is a 2013 with 107000 for 19000. I'm initially interested in the lower miles but I know condition is more important. Do you have any advice? They are out of town so I can go look at them. I was going to have a mechanic so a full inspection but I was curious as to see which is worth the expense.

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In a perfect world, the best "buy" would be the 2012 with half the mileage that the 2013 model has been driven. If you’re going to have a professional mechanic complete a pre purchase car inspection, I’d choose the 2012; as it’s less likely to have mechanical damage that will cost a lot to maintain or repair. However, it really depends on how well each vehicle was maintained and serviced.

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