Q: BS, why don't other gas powered machines have canisters? Mowers, mini bikes, generators, chain saws etc, isn't that gas dangerous

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Not saying gas isn't harmful to breathe, but we breathe it quite often, lawn mowers, chain saws, generators., most small gas powered engines don't have canisters, and we all still alive, and can still think straight, and we're not on life support, so a lot of the EPA regs on a car or truck is mostly BS!! Fact, cats are actually inefficient for first 6-12 miles, and a car with no emissions burns just as clean as a full blown emissions car! Gas stations get gas daily dropped in underground tanks, and gas fumes are all around! I've worked on automobiles before all this emissions BS came out, and my health is good, what I'm saying is quit drinking the damn coolaid, the EPA is the biggest farce ever, and just like the BS climate change, got a lot of you brain washed! Do some actual research, and use some common sense, think outside the box, but then big government don't want most people to know the truth, cause it makes them very rich to dumb down the majority, it's like the pied piper

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