Q: black smoke and loss of power

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hello i read an article from you guys that nears up to what im experiencing.

i am from colombia and have a hyundai veracruz 2008 turbo diesel, my problem is that the car starts perfect in park shift its perfect well syncronized and everything.

as soon as i shift to reverse or drive and have the brake on the car stars shaking like if it was going to turn off, and it starts releasing black smoke but alot, as soon as i let go of the brake it runs ok but without too much power when i hit the gas to the max it takes a while to get the turbo speed to the maxium, when im in a deep slope if i stop in the middle the car wont have sufficient power to make it through.

the authorized dealer in colombia tells me that the scanner shows the glow unit is showing some error, and the problem with the car is that glow module that is in charge of burning the remaining fuel on the chamber so the car floods with fuel.

the problem is that other opinions say it has nothing to do with it! help me!!!
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there:

Unfortunately we don’t see a lot of diesel powered Hyundai Vera Cruz vehicles here in the United States. However, on several six cylinder turbo diesel engines, a fault with the glow plugs can trigger the symptoms you’re experiencing. In this case, the dealership is most likely correct.

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