Q: All warning lights are on 2011 mitsubishi lancer es

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Had both front bearing replaced at a shop after the job was done all warning lights where on. Abs, abs service, hand brake, and traction controle light is all on.also when first starting the vehicle and driving the speedometer dosent work until a warning light comes on. He said he unplugged the abs sensors from. The engine so he wouldn't mess them up. He thought it might be the abs sensor so he replaced the abs sensor and still have all the lights on. Can't figure out what it could be any ideas.

My car has 115000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Raymond. Thanks for contacting us today. If a sensor that makes up the ABS or traction control system is unplugged or removed, it’s common for the mechanic to download any stored OBD-II trouble codes after restarting the vehicle, removing and reset those codes and determine if there is a communication error or what codes are retriggered. It appears that this did not happen based on your input. However, it’s also possible that the root source of this issue is something wrong with the ABS module. I’d recommend having a different mechanic come to your location to look into this problem, by requesting a warning light inspection.

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