Q: 2013 Hyundai accent drove through about 10 feet of about 6 in water & car stalled. Only makes click when try to start it. E hi

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I was driving down a 4 lane Rd in town. It was raining hard all day & later found out a main water pipe busted, so about 100-200 ft of the road was flooded I was driving about 30 mph, seen a little water on the road, thought nothing of it until I got about 10 ft into the water, now I'm doing about 20 mph causing the water to splash up, the water then got very deep, but not quit up to the bottom of the door about 6 in. (trucks/SUV's slashing us, pushing a water under car like waves) I quickly realized I couldn't continue but then the car stalled. 2 big trucks came hauling by me going way fast, causing huge wake in water, rocking the car back & forth. Sat there for about 10 min while trucks come through causeI g big wakes. pushed the car out of water, sat about 10 more min, tried starting it but it only clicked not turn over. Let it sit about hour, turns over not starting. Waited an hour now it turns over not starting. So we Air filter & it is wet when pulled it out. HELP PLZ,not my ca

My car has 60000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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