Q: 2002 toyota corolla start after reving up

asked by on January 28, 2018

I just changed my car's engine oil and filter today. After googling how much oil it takes I put 3.2 gallons to it(3.7 gallon recommended). But to my surprise it was filled a little more than the upper lavel( 2.5 inches more than the upper level.). I drove the car to home which was a mile drive from there. and after driving home, I realized my car's acting weird. For example it doesn't reverse if I don't hit the gas paddle or go forward. Even after I press the paddle, It revs up and once I let go off thegas peddle it does a hitching and slowly go forward. Any help is appriciable as what might be the cause.

My car has 150000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The maximum oil capacity in the 2002 Corolla with a 1.8L engine is 3.7 quarts, that is just slightly under one gallon. The oil level should never be above the full mark as too much oil will cause engine operating problems and possibly engine damage. If the oil level is too high, simply drain enough out to bring the level to no higher than the full mark on the dipstick. After doing that, if the engine continues to run poorly, it is possible that the spark plugs got fouled and/or other problems were caused by the too high level of oil. In that event, simply request service and the responding certified mechanic will get this problem taken care of for you. If you have any further questions at all regarding this service, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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