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Q: 馃毥馃毊car problem

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The RPM's would go up when I put my foot on the pedal butt the car wouldn't move I was able to get it going and was taking it really slow but then some weird popping noises started happening so I pulled over on the side of the road turned off the car check the oil and the oil was a little low. I tried to started again but it will not start what kind of problems does that sound like to you?

Hello, thank you for writing in. Stalling and no-start issues are most commonly spark or fuel issues. There are several tests you will want to do, or have done to determine what the issue is. To start, you will want to check for proper spark. The safest way to do this is with a spark tester, but there are other ways. When doing this, check the condition of the spark plugs for any excess wear or oil fouling. These are signs of bigger issue. If you have the proper voltage needed for spark, and the spark plugs are all in good condition, turn your attention to the fuel system. Test for fuel pressure with a gauge at the engine intake. With the vehicle not starting, you can only test cranking pressure, but that will give you a good idea if that fuel pump and filter are working accordingly. You will want to also check the battery and alternator, and make sure the stalling issue was not due to a lack of electrical power to the engine components. For help with this and any further tests, contact our service department to schedule an appointment.

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