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Engine Mount


by Henry from Lafayette, CA 94549

Got a phone call from Art 25 minutes after the appointment time. The part that was supposed to be available when he called the parts place yesterday was not there. He said he has been waiting for more than an hour for the parts to be delivered from another store. I would have liked it if he had called me before the appointment time. When he got here, however, he was very professional and got the job done within the allowable time. He checked everything, unlike the other guy who came to me from Yourmechanic.com last time. I test-drove with him to make sure the job was done correctly. As we drove, he noticed the wheel bearing seemed to be out of whack. My wife and I were suspecting it might be the wheel bearing that made noise to the car but when we took it to my mechanic in Lafayette who I have been going for the past 20 years, said the noise was because of the engine mount that we just replaced. The engine mounts were bad but Art stated that would not make the noise we are hearing. He even told us how we can check to see which side wheel bearing is bad while driving. Although he arrived late outside of his control, he did everything right after that. I would give him 4 and a half stars but no way to do that. As to the Yourmechanic.com, I give them 3 stars because the original guy who was supposed come out last Friday called and left me a message that parts weren't available, so he would like to come and do it either Saturday or Monday. I called and left him a message to call me back but he did not call back. So, I ended up calling Yourmechanic.com to change the mechanic on Monday for Art to come on Tuesday.

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