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by Ramon from Corona, NY 11368

BOOK THIS MECHANIC!! Rohon has got to be one of the best mechanics I’ve ever worked with, and as someone who has bought their fair share of used junkers I’ve had to deal with quite a few. Here’s the thing about Rohon, he’s very experienced (he just joined after his own successful car repair shop closed, look them up Nok Auto Repair) he also used to teach auto repair at a trade school. He’s also a super transparent guy and prides himself on that — case in point when I booked him on yourmechanic.com, I went looking for him online (I wanted to text him to discuss some part issues ahead of time so we’d be prepared for our  upcoming appointment) and on his LinkedIn profile all his contact info was right there, his email, his cell, his old shop name, everything! Yourmechanic.com didn’t make communicating with him through the app very easy, so the fact that he made his info so readily available online put me at ease. It also gave me the chance to see his reviews elsewhere — there are so many happy customers! Also, being a new user to yourmechanic.com and seeing mixed reviews for the service itself, NOT ROHON, the fact I could check him out online made me see I was in excellent hands. So, now onto the service itself, the part I needed was on back order everywhere you look, I called up a total of 2 dealerships and 4 shops altogether and no one had it. Rohon found it for me though and moved mountains to make sure he’d get it in time! (This was the benefit of having his cell number ahead of time so we could text about this.) Next, he showed up early AND stayed late! The job was scheduled to take an hour but yourmechanic.com doesn’t factor in that things take a little longer because of not having a shop where there’s ample space to work, a jack to lift a car up with ease, etc., etc., so when you’re doing work on the street or in a driveway, you have to take a little more time to work within the means you’re presented. Rohon is an admitted OCD guy and so when he started work he not only fixed the charcoal canister, but he also fixed a lot of extras at no charge. What mechanic does that in this day and age? He found my spare was flat, so he filled it, he found I was low on oil so he filled it. He found my wiper fluid wasn’t bolted in, so he fixed that. He also did the inspection and found some important things the last shop who had this car didn’t tell me. Most importantly, he showed me the issues and gave me a quick lesson in basic adjustments and showed me exactly what was wrong, transmission fluid flush, coolant flush, etc. What I enjoyed most about Rohon, he’s got a keen sense of humor and makes the whole repair process a dream! I wholeheartedly recommend him! Thanks again Rohon!

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