What is the Automatic Transmission Mount all about?

Automatic Transmission Mounts Transmission mounts prevent cars from vibrating and keep them running at optimum levels with elastic squares paired with round metal sections that keep the transmission in place.

Keep in mind:

Transmission mounts can be destroyed by oxidation that degrades rubber or urethane in the mounts. Mounts can be broken by incorrectly lifting the engine and transmission. Excessive stop and go driving will cause wear and tear on the transmission mounts. It’s important to replace all of the mounts so they’re aligned properly.

How it's done:

  • Place a transmission mount on the cross-part
  • Line up mounting openings in the metal tabs against threaded gaps in the transmission and cross-axle
  • Remove the jolts
  • Replace the mounts using a customizable wrench with clockwise turns

Our recommendation:

If transmission mounts break they can cause shifting during acceleration and if the transmission shifts aggressively, it can damage other parts of the transmission and lead to expensive repairs.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the automatic transmission mounts?

  • Clunking noises grinding sounds coming from your transmission
  • Excessive vibration while idling or driving
  • A sense that your engine is loose

How important is this service?

Transmission mounts minimize vibrations and isolate them from a car's driveline while maintaining correct driveshaft angles.

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