Top 5 Reasons to Be a Mobile Technician

According to the latest U.S. Bureau of Transportation statistics from 2012, there are over 254 million registered vehicles in the United States, so the demand has never been higher for intelligent, talented, and motivated technicians. In spite of this, dealerships and independent shop owners often require us to work fixed schedules with little vacation time and limited flexibility to take care of things that need to be done during the day.

Automotive technician jobs are not all alike - YourMechanic matches customers in 700+ cities nationwide with mobile automotive technicians and redefines how people have their vehicles serviced. One of the most important parts of this redefinition is making sure that we work with the top talent in the field, who take the best care of customers and their cars.

If you’re interested in joining, but aren’t quite sure if it’s right for you, take a look at the top 5 reasons to be a mobile technician with YourMechanic:

1. Starting rate is $40/hour: All of our technicians start at $40/hour, and get paid weekly.

The benefits go beyond just the hourly rate: At traditional shops, if the customer is on vacation, and doesn’t pick up the car for two weeks, you don’t get paid until the shop gets paid. With YourMechanic, you get paid at the beginning of every week for the work you did the week prior. All work happens at the customer’s location, so you never have to wait for customers to pick up their cars. When you finish a job, you can rely on that money being there the next week. One of our technicians, Josh F. in San Francisco says, “the pay is definitely higher, especially if you treat it as your own business.” On top of that, all your job-related expenses such as gas and tools may be tax deductible.

2. Flexible schedule: You set your own schedule at YourMechanic. The service hours are 6am to 9pm local time every day of the week, and you can choose how many days, and how many hours each day, you want to work.

There’s no need to request time off weeks or months in advance, which makes it easy to plan vacations or personal days. Want to take a family vacation on short notice or attend your daughter’s soccer match? Just mark it off on your calendar; there’s no need for a manager’s approval. It’s simple! Josh F. said “this is my favorite aspect of the job. I have a wife and kids, and this allows me to build my schedule around them, which ensures I get to spend as much time with them as possible.”

3. Be your own boss and ditch the drama: If you’ve ever worked at a dealership, you know what it’s like to have too many bosses and to work in a cut-throat environment where you have to lock up your tools every night. Independent shop techs know what it’s like to work their fingers to the bone, while the shop owner is sitting in his office buying things online that you could only hope to afford.

At YourMechanic, you get to be your own boss, and your hard work is rewarded and appreciated by the customers you serve. Star technician Peter P. in San Diego had this to say: “this really is a chance to run your own business. You get to make the repair decisions and have the final say. It’s great for somebody who’s honest, as there is no pressure to upsell things that you’re not comfortable upselling.”

4. Clearly defined jobs: We’ve all been there: Your boss takes in a car that hasn’t been run in 10 years, everything leaks, and it was overheating when it was parked. You’re not going to see anything like that with YourMechanic, because they know those kind of jobs aren’t going to make any money. No “can-of-worms” or “big-project” cars. They only deal with straightforward, cut-and-dried repairs; the good money-making work that got you into this business in the first place. According to Peter P., “the best part is that I get to speak directly to the customer, so I get ALL the information I need. There is nothing lost in translation as there is with a service writer. This ensures the proper repair is made every time.”

5. YourMechanic handles all marketing and billing: Advertising services, billing customers, ordering and paying for parts -- none of these things are fun to do, which is why they take care of all these details of the repair process. This means you can focus on the part you love and excel at: repairing cars and making people happy and safe. Peter P. said, ”this is a great system. The software works really well. I think a lot of work went into that. All I have to do is drive to the job and pick up a wrench.”

Bonus point: Your opinion actually matters at YourMechanic. If you’ve been in the industry long enough, you’ve probably had some great ideas that likely fell on deaf ears. YourMechanic has the opposite approach: if you’re out in the field and discover something you would like to see changed about the entire process, we encourage you to bring it up. No matter how big or small, it will be given fair and proper consideration by our operations team, and you will receive feedback on it. Oftentimes, our technicians’ ideas are integrated into the process, and it only makes for happier customers and technicians. Technicians are the greatest resource in this industry, and we fully respect and integrate your insights and ideas for improving our business.

Joining our team as a mobile mechanic is a chance not only for you to begin working with a company that will completely change the automotive repair industry, but also an opportunity for you to influence that change. You’ll enjoy great pay, a flexible schedule, loyal customers, and drama-free work.

If this sounds good to you, apply to join us as a mobile technician today.

The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details

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