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10 Best Stores to Buy Auto Parts in Salt Lake City, Utah

10 best stores to buy auto parts

It’s important to keep your vehicle in good shape, and that means replacing auto parts ranging from headlights to drive belts when necessary. Of course, you need to know where to go for those parts, which can be a challenge given the number of stores in Salt Lake City. That’s why we created a list of the 10 best stores to buy auto parts in Salt Lake City, Utah.

1. Intermountain Battery

2775 S 300W
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
View in Google Maps
(801) 266-7465
Rating: 5 Stars on Yelp

This store gets high marks for carrying a range of batteries to fit just about any make and model on the road. Customers also state that the prices are among the lowest anywhere, and that some batteries come with longer warranties than what you’ll find with competitors.

2. O’Reilly Auto Parts

8164 S State St
Midvale, UT 84047
View in Google Maps
(801) 569-1886
Rating: 4.5 Stars on Yelp

Customers appreciate the fact that not only will staff at this store look up the right parts or supplies for their car, but will actually pull them from the shelf. The prices are also low, and in line with most competitors.

3. AutoZone

1290 S Redwood Rd
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
View in Google Maps
(801) 886-2123
Rating: 4.5 Stars on Yelp

Customers really like the fact that the staff here are very knowledgeable. They also have most items in stock at all times, although some customers have difficulty locating hard to find items, and many of those must be special ordered.

4. AutoZone

6804 S State St
Midvale, UT 84047
View in Google Maps
(801) 255-5585
Rating: 4.5 Stars on Yelp

This store gets high marks for their low prices, as well as the fact that most parts are in stock at all times. The staff are also knowledgeable and happy to help look up the right part.

5. O’Reilly Auto Parts

681 E Fort Union Blvd
Midvale, UT 84047
View in Google Maps
(801) 563-5142
Rating: 4 Stars on Yelp

Customers state that this store has decent prices on their parts, and their selection is good, as well, with most parts in stock. The store is also good about returning unused parts even if it has been some time since they were purchased.

6. O’Reilly Auto Parts

519 W 750 S
Woods Cross, UT 84010
View in Google Maps
(801) 298-8332
Rating: 4 Stars on Yelp

Customers say that they almost always find the part they need, and that the staff here can assist with looking up or cross-referencing parts if necessary. However, one customer did note that service was slow.

7. AutoZone

1199 E 3300 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84106
View in Google Maps
(801) 467-1501
Rating: 3.5 Stars on Yelp

Customers appreciate that this store has the part they need in almost every instance, with very few items ever out of stock. Prices are in line with other national chain stores. Some customers have noted that lines can be long during busy periods, though.

8. NAPA Auto Parts

1317 S 700 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
View in Google Maps
(801) 956-3000
Rating: 3.5 Stars on Yelp

This is the part warehouse for the area, and customers state that it offers a deeper inventory than many other stores in town. Pricing is reportedly in line with most competitors, and the staff are rated as being knowledgeable.

9. AutoZone

55 N 900 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84116
View in Google Maps
(801) 532-0090
Rating: 3.5 Stars on Yelp

Customers say that this store has some of the best prices on the parts they need, and most parts are always in stock. However, during busy times, the wait to check out can be long.

10. AutoZone

9830 S 700 E
Sandy, UT 84070
View in Google Maps
(801) 576-9870
Rating: 3.5 Stars on Yelp

The staff at this store are knowledgeable and happy to both answer questions and look up parts to ensure the best fit. The prices are also low.

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