Q: Vibrates with acceleration just spent 900 on shocks struts suspension repair & 300 brand new tires

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I just got my car back from the shop spent $900 on shocks struts suspension repair because suspension dropped on my back tires and blew out one. Happened 2days after purchasing full set of brand new tires. rear of car still sitting little lower then front. car vibrates horrible @ 50+mph. steering wheel shakes (all with acceleration). sounds like my wheel is about to fall off. i’m having the same issues that were the exact reason for taking to shop before the suspension broke. what is going on?? wheel squeaking noise, car all together sounds very rigidity. i’ve now spent $1200 on this car i just purchased last month i don’t even have a tag yet. my mechanic is a trusted family known mechanic, friends with my father - taken my cars to him for years. please help me

My car has 202626 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Cat. Thanks for contacting us today. I’m sorry to read about these constant problems you’re experiencing with the Toyota Corolla. In most cases, a vibration like you’re describing is caused by a steering or suspension component failure, or a wheel/tire balance problem. Assuming that your family mechanic has the right equipment to balance tires and complete a front end alignment, this would be the first thing I’d recommend. However, if I had to guess (which is the only option without completing an onsite inspection), it sounds as if wheel bearings are damaged and need to be replaced. I would strongly recommend NOT having anything else done without having an independent, third-party mechanic complete an onsite inspection, so they can isolate the root source of your problems and recommend a repair. My own advice is that if the cost of repair is more than $1,000, you might want to consider selling this vehicle or trading in on a newer vehicle purchase.

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