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I asked this question a couple of months ago and never got a response. When your mechanic rotates tires, are the lug nuts tightened by hand with the lug nut wrench or a power wrench? Since having this service done, my car's steering wheel shimmys sometimes causing a feeling of uneasiness like a wheel is going to roll off. A response to my question would be appreciated. If you choose not to answer again, then I will not be using your service again nor recommend you to any of my friends.

Debbie Borkman

Hi Debbie. All of our technician should be torqueing the wheel nuts to proper specifications. This can be accomplished by hand with a torque wrench or with a torque limiting socket with a power wrench; the limiting socket stops the torque at a specified amount. The shimmy you are experiencing may be a tire balance issue that can be unnoticed when those affected tires are on the rear of the vehicle. There is also the possibility of irregularly worn tires that could have been moved to the front during the tire rotation service. Unfortunately, Your Mechanic does not offer tire balancing at this time. I am forwarding your concern to our customer service department. Should you have any more questions feel free to ask anytime and/or schedule your next service appointment at www.yourmechanic.com.

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