Q: Squeaking noise.

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There is a squeaking noise that sounds like it coming from under the engine when i start to brake. I had my brakes inspected at les shwab. and they said my brakes looked fine and said it could be a bad bushing. What do you think. Thank you

My car has 140000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Any number of suspension components can squeak when worn. When applying the brakes, weight transfers to the front of the vehicle. This can cause worn components to shift and make noise. ball joints for example. As they age, the grease inside them dries up. When this happens, the metal inside them grinds together and can make a squeal or creak. Tie rods operate in the same manner so worn tie rods can also make noise. Bushings certainly can as well. As the rubber dries and cracks from age, the metal parts they isolate can make a creaking or squeaking sound.

Have a certified technician inspect the suspension and brakes to isolate the exact cause.

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