Q: Smoke from engine cooling fan

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When I was getting back home, I smelled a burning smell of plastic, I opened the hood and found smoke from the radiator cooling fan, I let the engine cool down and checked the coolant level it was in the max level , I started the engine and drove for 2 kms the engine was not heating up and the heat indicator was little below the middle (Approximately 90 degrees). The fan was not rotating I tried to move it, it was too hard to move, the other fan runs when I switch on the AC. Do I need to replace the faulty fan alone orcheck for any other components, it is advisable to drive the car with this fault ? The car is an Optra 1.6 Petrol 2006 Model.

My car has 50000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

It’s not unusual for a fan to fail, and you can probably get away with replacing just that. But since the fan seized, there may be a blown fuse or fusible link back in the system that will also have to be changed. If you are going to try to operate the car, you should unplug the electrical connector from the fan to prevent damage to the fan controller. If there are no other problems the car shouldn’t overheat as long as you are moving forward. If you want to delegate this job, you can contact Your Mechanic. They can send a technician to your home or office to replace your radiator fan right there on the spot.

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