Q: Pretty bad shaking from the front end mostly when hitting the break

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So when I go to slow down and hit the break I start feeling very hard bumping coming from the front end of the car mostly from the driver side wheel area. It feels like when I go to slow down I'm hitting small speed bumps over and over again until I come to a stop. It also does this when I'm on the high way at around 70 miles and hour ?

Hi there. It is very possible that you have multiple problems here. The vibration around 70 while under acceleration is possibly caused by a tire / wheel that is out of balance. The braking problem could be caused by a warped brake rotor or brake pads that are not evenly wearing. It could also be a damaged wheel bearing that is causing both vibrations you are experiencing. I would recommend having a professional mechanic come to your location and complete a car is vibrating inspection; so they can pinpoint the source of this issue and recommend the right repairs.

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