Q: My audi q3 needs only one one tire replaced. It is a 2016 model with less than 5k miles. Will I still need to replace all 4 tires

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My car got a flat right front tire. Will I need to replace all 4 tires since there is only about 5k miles on it, but AWD?

My car has 5000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. While most will tell you replacing all four tires is necessary under most circumstances, if the other 3 tires are in good condition, replacing just the flat tire is acceptable. The problem with replacing one or two of the tires at a time, is that it will eventually lead to further drive train damage. In this situation you want to make sure the tread depth on the other tires is close enough to the tire tread on the new tire. It is also standard practice to run all four tires as the same make and model of tire. Having multiple brands and styles at once can add more stress to the system. Your owner’s manual will have more information on the vehicle and how to service the tires. If the flat tire is beyond repair, then you can just replace the one, assuming the other 3 tires do have good tread.

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Hi there. Thanks for writing into YourMechanic.com. You are correct in assuming that all four tires should be the same on an all-wheel drive vehicle. However, with less than 5,000 miles on the new tires, it would be OK to replace the single tire as long as it’s the same size, manufacturer, speed rating, and tread pattern. For example, if your other tires are Michelin MXV4 P205 60 R16 92H then you’d want to verify the replacement tire is the exact same. I would have your new tire replaced and installed by the same location that installed the original tires. It would also be best for you to rotate the new tire to the rear of the vehicle as it will reduce the possibility of pulling to one side. You might also want to check with them to see if your tire is covered under a road hazard replacement policy. Hope this information helps.

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