Q: mech says its O2 sensor for a slipping trans.

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about two weeks ago I noticed a slipping in the tranmission. Yesterday my wife said that the check trans. light came on. she took it in and although they couldn't get to it right away they checked and said the O2 sensor is bad but it would be safe to drive over the wknd until we could get it in mon. or tues. Is this true and does the O2 sensor have much to do with the transmission?

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In most cases, the O2 sensors don’t impact the transmission’s efficiency. However, it can cause acceleration and deceleration issues which can be confused or misdiagnosed as a transmission problem. If the check transmission light came on; you should have a professional mobile mechanic complete a check engine light inspection so they can download all stored error codes and determine what is causing all of your vehicle’s problems.

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