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Is it possible to convert a manual vehicle to automatic? And I mean fully automatic. No pedal shifters. If possible, will it break the bank on price, or is it reasonable? If I could drive a manual I would, trust me. But due to my stupidity, I have had several incidents. Broken both arms, radius bone, reconstructed knee, ripped hamstring, tore MCL, broken toes and fingers, fellas I can go on forever. I have to drive with hand controls since the motor function in my ankles and legs are worse than my fathers P.O.S. Honda motorcycle that needs "carb work". lol

Reason why I'm asking is I found a 67 Falcon that's in GREAT condition. I'd be stupid not to buy it, but I would be more stupid if I paid for it and cant drive it.
My car has a manual transmission.

I owned a 1966 Ford Falcon station wagon. They are very simple cars and can be disassembled in an afternoon. Yes, it is possible to convert it to automatic. Looking at the inventory at Car-part.com it appears that used automatic transmissions are available for that year/model. You would have to either find the shift linkages or fabricate custom linkages (not a big deal). Also, you would probably have to make some modifications as the shift kick down probably runs off of the carburetor/throttle cable. At any rate, yes, it is doable. As far as the cost, that depends on the cost of the used transmission, whether the used transmission you buy has to be re-rebuilt/repaired and whether all of the parts I refer to are available versus a circumstance where they have to be field fabricated. You might have to change the springs in the front of the vehicle, too, to accommodate the extra weight and/or the alignment might require slight modification. If you are interested in a transmission replacement, YourMechanic professionals in certain locales can assist with that. Please simply inquire based on your locale. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic.

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