Q: Manual to automatic conversion

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Is it possible to convert a manual vehicle to automatic? And I mean fully automatic. No pedal shifters. If possible, will it break the bank on price, or is it reasonable? If I could drive a manual I would, trust me. But due to my stupidity, I have had several incidents. Broken both arms, radius bone, reconstructed knee, ripped hamstring, tore MCL, broken toes and fingers, fellas I can go on forever. I have to drive with hand controls since the motor function in my ankles and legs are worse than my fathers P.O.S. Honda motorcycle that needs "carb work". lol

Reason why I'm asking is I found a 67 Falcon that's in GREAT condition. I'd be stupid not to buy it, but I would be more stupid if I paid for it and cant drive it.
My car has a manual transmission.

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