P2101 code but i just replaced PCM and throttle body im s...

P2101 code but i just replaced PCM and throttle body im stumped. What else could i do to fix this dreaded red lightening bolt/ limp mode ...

P2101 code but i just replaced PCM and throttle body im stumped. What else could i do to fix this dreaded red lightening bolt/ limp mode

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Hi my name is Jay The code is for the throttle plate opening is not the same as the requested throttle position. Di you do the electronic throttle relearn procedure after replace the PCM and throttle body?
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**THROTTLE POSITION WITHIN 2 DEGREES OF DESIRED THROTTLE POSITION** Start the engine. Allow the engine to reach normal operating temperature. With a scan tool, monitor the Actual Throttle Position and Desired Throttle Position. Compare the Actual Throttle Position and the Set Point Throttle Position. **Q: Is the Actual Throttle Position within 2 °degrees of the Desired Throttle Position?** **YES:** Go To 4 **NO:** Replace the Throttle Body Assembly. Disconnect the Battery when replacing the Throttle Body Assembly. After installation is complete, use a scan tool and select the ETC RELEARN function.

Im not completely sure if they did after replacing the throttle body. I didnt do it after replacing the pcm since i didnt have a scan tool. I did however do the step by step process for the re learn by turning the key to the turn on position and pressing the gas peddle slowly in and cycling the key. But it didnt work
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Have to do relearn with scan tool on this vehicle or will keep setting that code and then do the last test just sent you to compare request opening versus actual opening of throttle plates.

Okay so i only have a scan tool app with the little part you plug into the computer. Do you think it would be best to have it re flashed and re learn procedure done at a shop or dealership?
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That scanner cannot put into relearn mode and the dealer would be best to do that and to check and make sure there are not any software updates needed on vehicle. An aftermarket shop does not always have latest updates on there aftermarket scanners where dealers get latest updates daily.

Okay will do that. Thanks. If they dont see anything wrong with it do you suspect that it could be bad wiring from pcm to throttle body? I heard these 2005 jeep 5.7L have had lots of electrical problems with the throttle body sensor
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It is possible and yes the throttle bodies are a common issue along with connectors to them. The dealer would be able to do more extensive tests to determine if it is just a relearn or a more serious issue with wiring or throttle body. Your welcome. Glad to help.

Okay thank you very much. Do you recommend doing a rewire by myself or should i have a mechanic shop do it?If that is whats at fault. I dont know how much a rewire would be from pcm to throttle body
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A mechanic will be able to do all the tests first before jumping into any wire repairs. Suggest getting the relearn done and go from there.

Okay sounds good. I appreciate the help you made things a lot more clear to understand instead of online research lol
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Your very welcome. Glad to help.

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