I changed the throttle body and the pedal sensor on my 20...

I changed the throttle body and the pedal sensor on my 2012 Jeep [compass](/topics-compass/) 2.4L and did the reset (pressing the pedal down and releasing and then turning the car on). It worked no light for maybe a half hour and ...

I changed the throttle body and the pedal sensor on my 2012 Jeep [compass](/topics-compass/) 2.4L and did the reset (pressing the pedal down and releasing and then turning the car on). It worked no light for maybe a half hour and then the red lightning bolt showed up, and the check engine light came on. When I scanned the codes it's was a P0221 and P2135. Not sure what to do now. Mechanic's Assistant: Does the light stay on, or does it blink? It stays on. Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Compass yourself? What have you tried so far? I'm fixing it myself. I went back through to make sure all connections are right. Tested the battery to make sure there wasn't a bad cell and it's fine. Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? That when I turn an accessory on you can hear the engine throttle down a little like if I use my electric windows or turn on the heater. Not sure if they are related but it's odd

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Good Afternoon, my name is \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* ill be helping you, so sorry to hear about the issues here on the Jeep. What brand throttle body and pedal sensor did we use to replace the parts?

I picked them up at Napa I can find out real quick.I picked them up at Napa so I'm not totally sure.
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okay good. i was just wondering if they were OEM or not. the codes you have still indicate an issue with the circuit coming of that throttle sensor and what the PCM expects to see. with the new parts we would need to suspect either an issue in the wiring between these sensors and the PCM or the PCM itself. i would recommend we have further diagnostics done using a scan tool to see what the PCM is seeing on those circuits and if it matches what is actually happening. if the signal is inconsistent or falling off we can rule out wiring first but if the wiring checks out then we can suspect the PCM.

Okay it's the Napa brand part on the throttle body itself and the pedal sensor I replaced
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okay good

When you say a scan tool. I had someone mention it might need to go through a relearn procedureIs that the same thing as a scan tool?
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yeah that helps but if it was out of calibration it wouldnt set these codes. its worth a shot but i dont suspect a relearn will fix it. hope im wrong though

Okay when you say scan tool what exactly do you mean? Like if I take it to a mechanic and say I need a scan tool for this... Will they understand?
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the scan tool is the tool/equipment the mechanic uses to talk to the cars computers. it can be used to diagnose issues or see what the computer sees. if you tell them that you have an issue with the electronic throttle circuits and want to see if they can check them using a scan tool they will know what you mean.

Perfect thank you.
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im happy to help!

I also heard maybe a voltage regulator might be the issueThat jeeps are known to have issues with their wiring
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when these regulators act up they affect other things than just throttle but yeah its a possibility.

Other things like when I roll down my window it kinda makes the car sputter a little
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that makes it more likely but the scan tool diagnostics will uncover it if thats the issue.

Like not enough electricity
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Okay perfect thanks again for your time!
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pleasure is all mine!

Oh one more thing real quick if you don't mind. There is a throttle position sensor I can get for the Jeep. I did not replace that.However that being said there's no where for it on the throttle body it self. Where would it be located I've looked and searched for weeks on where it would be.
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i dont think i have a diagram for that but let me check. if i find it ill send it over.

Thanks so much
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no problem

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