Q: Im looking to buying a car but it starts good but wont move at all, what is the issue

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Car starts right up but won't move at all what could be the problem

My car has 220000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The 2002 Civic model is subject to the Takata air bag recall campaign. Be sure to input the vehicle’s VIN number into the NHTSA database to see if the vehicle has been recalled. If the vehicle is subject to recall, and not just the Takata recall but any recall, and the required repairs have not been made, it is risky to buy the car. With regard to the issue that you are writing in about, there is a problem with the transmission. The exact fault at issue though could range from the incredibly mundane (and cheap to fix), such as a disconnected or broken transmission shift linkage or even just lack of adequate transmission fluid, to much more complex and costly problems, such as a faulty transmission oil pump, failed valve body, and so forth. To find out the cause, simply request a failure to shift diagnostic. Please note that even in the worst case scenario, that is if the vehicle needs a new transmission, if you can get the vehicle at a low enough cost, it can be worth it to fix it. However, if the vehicle is equipped with a recalled Takata airbag, do not accept it even as a gift unless you intend to have the airbag replaced (yes, those airbags are that dangerous). A good way to protect yourself in a used car transaction is to request a pre-purchase vehicle inspection. That inspection of the specific vehicle you want to purchase, carried out by a certified Mechanic, dispatched to your location, will give you very specific data regarding any current problems that the car has. Please do not hesitate for a moment to re-contact YourMechanic if we can assist you further in your attempts to make a wise used vehicle purchase.

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