Q: How to change the oil pump on a 92 Acura vigor?

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The camshaft broke on my 92 Acura vigor, LS. The oil light came on before the camshaft broke. Put on a new head. Now having a problem with it overheating and low oil pressure. Any thoughts? At idle speed it is about 5-7 psi.

My car has 190000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Dawn. Thanks for contacting us tonight. When a camshaft breaks, it can cause significant damage not only to the cylinder head, but also bottom end deck if the head gasket was torched. If the deck is not blocked (or ground before installing the new cylinder head), it can cause the head gasket to not seal correctly - and lead to overheating issues. However, it’s possible that the overheating problem is simply due to the coolant system - or low oil pressure (likely caused by a failed oil pump or clogged oil galleys. Since we don’t know how the cylinder head was replaced, it’s hard for us to give you the best advice. Unless you’re willing or able to remove the engine and do some further investigative work, you might want to consider moving on from this vehicle, as it’ll likely be more work than its worth to repair.

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