Q: Hit a tire and oil spilled

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I hit a tire and messed up underneath my car. my oil spilt everywhere. Where did the oil come from? I didn't think it was my engine but I don't know what holds oil under the car

There is engine oil in a pan beneath the engine (close to the ground) as well as transmission oil in a similar "pan". If you have an automatic transmission, a possibility is the tubes or hoses that connect to a "heat exchanger" on the bottom of the radiator got hit and broke, thus causing the transmission fluid to spill out. Another possibility is the oil pan was hit hard enough to "tear" on the bottom (thin stamped steel will tear if hit hard enough). In any event, as long as you did not run the engine after the "oil" was lost (thus causing engine or transmission damage), what you have before is probably a fairly mundane repair. If you request a leak inspection, a certified mechanic will be dispatched to your location and make a physical exam. It will be obvious to the mechanic what and where the leak is and then the mechanic can let you know the part of parts that will need to be replaced. Replacement oil and transmission pans are readily available. In some applications, installing an oil pan is a little involved though as portions of the suspension and engine mount might have to be removed and the engine supported from above to replace the pan. But this will depend on the year, make and model of your vehicle. We would like to promptly resolve this for you so please let us know how we can best assist you.

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