We just purchased a Ford e350 passenger van (2014). We dr...

We just purchased a Ford e350 passenger van (2014). We drove it for a couple of hours with no problems. We then drove it through a few twisty roads in north carolina and the check [engine](/topics-engine-ford/) light came on and f...

We just purchased a Ford e350 passenger van (2014). We drove it for a couple of hours with no problems. We then drove it through a few twisty roads in north carolina and the check [engine](/topics-engine-ford/) light came on and flashed for about a minute. It went off and we continued on to our destination which we were very close to at the time. We are concerned and don't know what to do with the vehicle since we've read that a flashing check engine light can be a real problem and we are at least 30 minutes from the nearest town and auto mechanic. Do you think we can still drive it to the nearby town or does it need to be towed there? We aren't even sure how to get a tow truck out here or if that's even possible. Thanks for your help! Mechanic's Assistant: Does the light stay on, or does it blink? It blinked for maybe a minute and then turned off Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your E350 yourself? What have you tried so far? We haven't done anything. We continued driving it for about 5 minutes until we got to our destination two days ago. Since then, we have not tried to even start it since we aren't sure if that will damage the engine Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? No that's it - thanks!

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Hi Eric, Were you able to read my question already or should I repeat here?
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A flashing check engine light does indicate that the computer has detected an engine misfire. Misfires can damage the cat converter if driven for too long. Likely you just need an [ignition coil](/topics-ignition-coil-ford/) or maybe a tune up or [spark plug](/topics-spark-plug-ford/).

Is it safe to drive it about 20 miles to the nearest mechanic?
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Yeah it should be fine. If the problem is a misfire sometimes it comes and goes so you may be able to drive it with no issues.

OK thanks very much! What if we drive it and the light never comes on again? Do we still need to take it to the mechanic, or could we just wait until we notice a problem? I guess I'm asking if it is possible that the light came on temporarily but does not require immediate action. We have a several hundred mile trip to make with this van to get home tomorrow.
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You probably should take it anyway because a code should be stored so they can pinpoint a cylinder and possibly just repair it now before it becomes an issue again. And maybe leaves you stranded.

OK thank you!
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Your welcome. If you need anything else just let me know. Have a good rest of the day. Thank you.

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