Q: ESP defective and engine turns off.

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I got some problem on my car. Can you help me?. Mongolian winter is so cold. This years coldest celsius was -40. I dont have warm garage. When in night i do cover my car with cover. Its pretty common in Mongolia. The problem is when i start to drive and stop at traffic light cluster shows me an ESP defective. Visit workshop! Message. Then traffic light turns green, and i gas on pedal, its not moving and not even engine revs. Then i have to restart the engine. Then goes back to normal. This problem comes 3 to 6 times on every brake stopping when it starts.. Started engine and warmed it for 3 to 5 minutes. Then drive for 1.5 miles the problem started. Then i turn the engine off and tries to restart it it doesnt turn on. Tried 3 times, then "Electrical consumers switched off" message appears. I stucked at traffic lane. Then i tried turn on engine again, rev starts to rise but falls down, tried it again, when rev starts to fall I floored my gas pedal and it turns on. Please help with this.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Trying to diagnose mechanical issues in extreme cold weather you appear to be enduring is nearly impossible without being there to physically check a few common parts. The ESP stability control applies the brakes to the right rear wheel, bringing the car back on track, so it wouldn’t cause starting issues as you’ve described. I think the best advice we can offer is to find a local mechanic if possible to complete a check engine light inspection first.

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