Q: Defrost doesn't work

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The heater works somewhat but the defrost doesn't work at all. When I turn the dial to defrost it sounds as if the air is just being dumped behind the glovebox. how difficult is it to remedy this?

My car has 210000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The problem can be in a few locations. First, it can be the heater control head itself. If the cables are loose or detached, then the heater blend / diverter doors may not be moving fully to redirect air flow from vents to defroster,etc. The problem can also lie further into / under the dash. If a cable detached from the blend door itself, or if a blend door is loose or broken, then it may be necessary to remove the heater box and / or numerous dash components to access them for repair or replacement.

With the number of components that may have to be removed for diagnosis and / or repair of an inoperative defroster, it may be best to have a certified technician look into it to isolate the exact cause.

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