It's making a noise when I accelerate but not the whole t...

It's making a noise when I accelerate but not the whole time and my car is bucking when I'm stopped completely Mechanic's Assistant: How old is the transmission? Have you checked the fuel filters? 2012 and it was checked ...

It's making a noise when I accelerate but not the whole time and my car is bucking when I'm stopped completely Mechanic's Assistant: How old is the transmission? Have you checked the fuel filters? 2012 and it was checked 3k miles ago Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model of your '12 car? Chevy equinox Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Equinox yourself? What have you tried so far? Nothing it just started the other day. Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? I dont think so

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Hi, my name is\*\*\*\*\*’ve been a technician on Just Answer since 2007 and I'll be helping you today. I'm sorry to hear you are having difficulties with your vehicle. I know how inconvenient car trouble is, but together, we will get your vehicle back up and running quickly. May I ask whom I am chatting with today?

Jennifer wahlgood evening lol
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Good evening Jennifer, it's nice to meet you. Can you describe the noise you are hearing? Also, does it have to be moving or can you just rev the [engine](/topics-engine-chevy/) and hear the sound?

It's like a revving noise but clicky. Pretty sure I have to be movingBut it also bucks when I'm completely stopped
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Ok It sounds like it might be a misfire. Is your check engine light coming on at all?

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Ok Thanks for the info. I would start with checking the oil. The engine oil may be low, this would cause the noise and may also cause the rough running. If the oil looks good, then I would like to have you try a test for a wheel bearing issue. As you are driving, try weaving back and forth in the lane and see if the sound changes pitch at all. Please check this and let me know.

Ok sevSec
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I need oil I think.....its only 300 over the 3000 miles
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That's ok, but you need to make sure you fill it with oil or it will destroy the engine. This is very important.

Doing that bow
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Ok, then drive it a little and see if it's improved. I should be on for another 15 minutes or so, but you can post here and I will get it in the morning.

Ok ty
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You're welcome.

Dang the oil solved the noise and bucking but now why is my oil so low when I'm current on oil changes?
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Well, it's good it solved the original issue, but it does mean you have a different issue. You are either leaking oil or the car is burning oil. You will have to get under it to check and see if it's leaking. Glad the first issue is handled

I have no way of getting under my car to look. I checked my driveway for oil though and didn't see much of anything. My car also doesn't smell like its burning oil. I should get it looked at.
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Yes, I would get it looked at as soon as you get it in for the next oil change. If it's not leaking it, then the engine is using it.

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