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Q: Car starts okay but when started it stalls out when I am stopped at stop sign or a red light. Would start back up but did it like five times.

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Yesterday was driving to mall. Bitter cold here car started and I let her run it started shutting off at red lights and stop signs. Did it about five times. I got home but I am terrified to drive it. On disability so praying that it isn't something so expensive. I think and pray it is the drive belt

My car has 108 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Check the battery and see if it has a full charge. Also check the battery cables and make sure that they are on tight and that they are clean. Check the alternator and make sure that its working and charging the battery. The voltage should be 12.6 to 12.4 on your battery with the engine off and 13.5 to 14.7 volts with the engine running. Turn on the high beams and operate all of the windows at the same time to see if your lights dim out. If the lights dim out, then either the battery is not charging or the alternator is failing. Also, go to the fuse box and look for a fuse called the TCC. This is the fuse to the transmission torque converter lock-up. If the lock-up clutch is engaged on the transmission when the vehicle is stopped, then the engine will stall out like if you have a manual transmission. If you remove the fuse and the vehicle runs just fine and no problems, then the lock-up solenoid on your transmission is not working. If you need further assistance with your engine stalling, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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