I need to know how to get the inner cv joint out without ...

I need to know how to get the inner cv joint out without using a slide hammer ...

I need to know how to get the inner cv joint out without using a slide hammer

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Welcome to JustAnswer Mechanical Support! I amCustomerand I will be Investigating and Supporting your question today. I understand it can be really frustrating when your auto is not working an expected but don't worry as I am here to help! I may need further information, however, if required I will let you know! Sorry to hear your having issues with your vehicle I will try to assist you. hello could you please let me know what make and model of the vehicle ?

2007 ford fusion
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Manual or automatic ?

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The only way to remove the inner cv joint without using a slide hammer is to use a couple of pry bars as it is held on inside with a C clip I’d strongly recommend getting 2-2’ or 3’ crow bars. Borrow or buy. Come up from the bottom with one crow bar on each side of the inner CV joint so the pressure being applied is 180 degrees apart. Put equal pressure on each crow bar to pry it out. It should pop out easily. Putting pressure on one side only maybe cocking the splines so they are jamming in the transmission.

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