Q: Battery drained and car key couldn't open car door.

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car problem was unable to open car told key had lost its memory, they reprogrammed it. 2 days later batter y completely flat new battery fitted by us, although Halfords did full test on it said it was good. Day later new battery was Completely drained, phoned Bell and Coleville Subaru garage, they picked up the car, they said it needed a complete new alarm system, this I couldn't understand as every time the battery drained the alarm was on until it fully drained. I paid the bill £700. Day later battery completely drained, they picked up the car once again, they said the new alarm system must have had a faulty part, they ordered another, finally told my car was ready the problem was, they didn't know it had to be wired differently as it was for the newer models. My Forester is in perfect condition it is an 03 with 53k miles always serviced regularly Bought from new. The first garage said they have disabled a perfectly good car. Does this sound right?

My car has 5300 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. The battery is draining for a parasitic load applied to the battery over night. This will drain the battery to needing a charge or needing a replacement. If the alarm was installed and it was for a newer vehicle, as long as the wiring is correctly installed into the vehicle, the year of the alarm should not matter. The alarm was probably installed on the wrong circuit causing the other circuit to have a load applied to it when the key is turned off. I recommend disabling the alarm and see if the battery does not discharge. If so, then hook up the alarm to a different circuit isolating it from any other circuits. If you need further assistance with your battery draining, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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