Q: 2007 Cadillac DTS - got new battery during summer. now battery won't stay charged. horn won't work. radio won't work at all.

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This is a low mileage car in excellent condition. It seems to have started when minor bumper scratches/blemishes were repaired and also new keys were made at Massey Cadillac in Dallas in July 2016. Then while in Colorado (later in July) took it to Dellenbach Cadillac in Colorado because we had trouble starting it (I think it was because the keys we had made were not right). As part of their repairs Dellenbach replaced the battery. But they also messed up the radio and the horn; and the battery is now dead. I can't take it back to Colorado for them to correct their mistakes though. It has hardly been driven since then (July) except to drive it back home to Dallas. I need to get it fixed. I've read about Cadillacs having security issues with the radio being disconnected etc. What's the root of the problem?

My car has 65000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. The vehicle may be having a variety of issues. The best thing we can do without having the vehicle in front of us is give an educated guess. The symptoms you are describing do sound like a security issue. If the security system is malfunctioning, it may be causing what we call a "parasitic draw". This draw has the ability to drain the battery whenever the engine is not running. There are a few ways you handle something like this. The first would be to try and track down the exact component which is drawing the power. The second would be to try and diagnose any security system faults. Only further testing and inspection will truly tell us what is wrong. For diagnostic help at your home, contact our service department.

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