13 years of experience
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA

I've been an automotive technician for 8 years and have rebuilt many engines. I'm an expert on European cars and motorcycles and can work on almost all makes and models. I treat every customer's vehicle like my own and love getting cars back up and running more smoothly than ever!





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on May 18

Stephan confirmed my suspicion that the dealership's diagnosis was bogus and did a great drop fixing the real problem, which was a failing CV axle assembly (not a power steering hose, as prescribed by dealership). Now the steering "drift" on uneven surfaces is gone ! Stephan's honesty and technical competence saved me $$ on unneeded repairs !

on May 09

Stefan is always very helpful and professional. I've had him service my care on several occasions and he always does a great and thorough job.

on April 26

Stefan was very thorough in explaining everything that he would be doing. He finished the job pretty late. And he was nice enough to come back once he had left, due to a small transmission cooler line leak. I'm thankful for his help with this.. Apparently the leak was caused by unrelated issues. He fixed it.. Thank you Stefan.

on March 29

Great. Thorough as always. I first used Stefan when I owned a Land Rover. My new car is a Mini, and yet Stefan was just as knowledgeable about both cars. He's good at explaining what he's doing and giving you the lowdown on any potential issues your car may have. My mom was here today during the service. She was so impressed, we set her up online and got her booked for an oil change and tire rotation before he left. Thanks Stefan!

on May 11

Stefan is the man you want to work on your European autos. He worked on my BMW twice and the jobs were perfectly done.



Nissan Altima
on May 10

Stefan was over 1 hour late to the appointment. I was disappointed that he did not call me to let me know he was running so far behind. When he did arrive he didn't even introduce himself but instead verified with me what we were going to do to my car. The repairs appear to be done correctly but I was late picking up my kids from school because Stefan was not on time.

on March 15

This guy was amazing!!! The YourMechanic site messed up our address (we needed to change locations at the last minute but we were not able to according to the site but the location was changed to the new site and we didn't know it until it was too late and due to the fact that our car could only be driven so many miles due to the "cooling off" period we could not drive to the other location) and Stefan went over the Antioch bridge twice to come to inspect our car which was desperately necessary and needed that day. He came and did his job and unfortunately I was not there to see the whole thing but my husband was and my husband is lost without me and did not tip this awesome young man. The next time we need work done I will be calling him and Stefan we owe you $20 extra buddy, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! I'm sorry my husband didn't tip you. -The Rude and Ungrateful, Smiths

on November 18

Stefan is very knowledgable and thorough fixing my car. This my second time using Your Mechanic with Stefan as my mechanic, and I couldn't be more pleased. I have recommended this company to all my friends. You will not be disappointed making your next appointment with Your Mechanic, and having Stefan working on your car.

on August 11

I used Stefan for a second time but this time he worked on my new car. He came out to my place of employment to rotate my tires and change my oil and he did an excellent job. I'm not going anywhere else from now on.

on May 13

Stefan is honest, reliable, punctual, knowledgeable, and competent. It can't get better than that! My car is a pain to work with but Stefan never gets rattled. I hope you guys pay him well!


  • Inspection / Diagnostics


Nissan Pathfinder
on November 15

Stefan showed up in a timely manner was very professional didn't mind me asking questions and gave great advice for what steps i shoud take to resolve my issues. I would definitely recommend to friend and family.

on November 07

It was my first time using service and I was very pleased with the service and there professionalism. The mechanic arrived early and finished early, doesn't get better then that. Definitely would recommend for everyone to use services.

on April 15

Stefan was very professional and took the time to answer any questions regarding the condition of the car. Highly recommend using Stefan for your auto needs. This was my first time using Your Mechanic and the home service is definitely a plus for anyone retired or just not readily able to leave your car with a service center located miles from home.


  • UberX Inspection and Oil ...


Toyota Sienna
on October 06

Highly would recommend Stefan, he is prompt and efficient! It was so convenient, I picked the time and Stefan came to my home and did the work! I would call on him for all of my mechanic needs from now on.

on August 14

Stefan was helpful, knowledgeable and thorough. I truly appreciated his expertise and it was a delight to have him come to my home and I could still continue my work. Thank you for great service! I would definitely use your services again and would certainly request Stefan!


  • Brake and Inspection Spec...


Acura RDX
on August 13

This is my third experience with Your Mechanic. These guys are great. I feel like a billionaire...relaxing at home while someone comes out to service the car. They are all very friendly, knowledgeable and competent.


  • Lock cylinder replacement...


Ford Focus
on April 30

Stefan was very polite and friendly. He seemed to care about keeping me happy while getting the job done, instead of just fixing the problem. He kept me informed, and cared about my opinion. Overall I was very happy with his performance.


  • 150,000 Miles Maintenance...


Ford Edge
on July 21

Stefan let me know he was going to be a few minutes behind which was ok with me. He explained to me what was completed and recommendations for the future. I highly recommend asking for Stefan. I will use him in the next few weeks to work on my wife's brakes. I liked the fact a received a receipt with photos of the old and new product.

on March 19

I was very satified wth Stefan's work. He got to work right away and though it took a lot longer than the estimated time, I suspect it was due mostly to the difficult access conditions to the part. After the work was done, I was able to test the car today and found the problem was completely cured. The car no longer stalls at startup and is much easier to drive. I'd use this service agian - it is very convenient to have someone service my car at home. No lousy waiting area with very poor magazines for entertainment.

on October 19

Stefan arrived on time and was extremely efficient at changing my car oil and rotating my tires. Very knowledgeable guy and would definitely look for his help on anything I need in the future. Great job!

on March 16

Stefan helped change my oil and filter and performed an inspection. He arrived right on time and did a great job. He is very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Using YourMechanic saved me more money rather then going to any other shop. Plus I didn't have to wait around at shop to have the work done. I was at home. That is so much better. I had a great experience.



Subaru Outback
on April 11


on April 13

I was so impressed! Stefan was extremely thorough, knowledgeable and took his time to make sure everything was done properly. I will definitely use him again for any work in my Tundra.


  • Replace Coolant Temp Sens...


Volkswagen Jetta
on April 19

Stefan arrived on time and fixed the problem very quickly. I have no more excuses to procrastinate repairs because my last 2 excuses have been eliminated that being time and money. The price was very affordable . I had already known what needed to be replaced because I had the code read by my neighbor but I also had a coupon at a local mechanic shop to get a free reading and estimate. I left my car for the day at this other mechanic shop only to receive the news that in order for them to find the problem they needed to charge me another $200 for "diagnostic work". I left there without an estimate but the next day my co-worker told me about so I called. I got a written estimate in a few minutes of $102. to replace the temp sensor. I scheduled the appointment and the next week the problem was fixed. I was charged $102 and never had to leave my house. What's not to like about that !



Volvo 240
on April 27

i was very satisfied with stefan for performance on the job and his mechanical knowledge. paul&carol bilodeau

on July 10

Appreciated that he called to say he was running behind from his last appt. Very cordial and approachable. Oil changed completed along with 50 point inspection in a timely manner. Definitely would use Stefan again.

on May 15

Stefan explained the findings well and I was very happy overall with his visit. But I'm disappointed that I haven't received any follow up from the company in the 6 hours since the visit. They charged my card for the diagnostic shortly after the visit but they haven't followed up, letting me know the estimate to fix the car, or at least that an estimate is being created, and a time frame for getting the estimate. So I have a diagnostic but also a car in my driveway that I can't drive, and no communication about the next step.

on May 16

Stefan did a great job. He was very thorough and took the time to make sure everything is properly assembled and tightened. He will answer your questions in a straightforward, thoughtful, and no BS/up-sell manner.

on May 17

Stefan was great! I think it is a convenient service but not less expensive than a shop. It took a little long to diagnose and the 75 charge to find the problem made it come out to the same as any shop. This was all decided by the office. I feel that the way it was explained to me over the phone was a little misleading. Not sure if I will use this service again.



Honda Accord
on May 23

Stefan was terrific. He really gained my respect as he did not give up on the challenges the repair work presented. He is certainly one of your best. I hope that if the situation presents itself again that he will be the mechanic that shows up at my door. Please know that I have already referred him and your company to at least 5 of my friends and family members! Thank you!

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