16 years of experience
Philadelphia, PA

I've been an automotive technician since 2001. Over my career I've worked at independent shops, Firestone, and for Midas as Head Technician. I've worked on all makes and models of vehicles and enjoy working on my customers' vehicles, whatever the issue might be.





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on August 21

Technician seemed knowledgeable and competent,I was satisfied with the service he provided.

on August 21

Very good & knowledgeable mechanic



Hyundai Sonata
on August 19

Kiri was great! Even when the home office sent him with the wrong battery for my car, he was quick to find a place to get the right one. Amazing customer service.

on August 16

Great tech, took care of my issues. Even noticed that the part I wanted changed didn't need to be changed and didn't even charge me for the part like another slime ball shop would do.

on July 17

KIri was on time, courteous and finished quickly. He is a pleasure to work with and that's why I only go to him for any services done through MyMechanic.

on July 11

Kiri is an excellent mechanic. He did a superior job from start to finish. He also didn't mind me watching him work. I could see the determination on his face and even learned something from some of his advice. Basically my car was dead and Kiri brought it back to life. Highly recommended.

on July 02

Kiri is so professional and kind. He provided updates needed for my car and took his time in completing the work. I am so happy with the finish job.

on July 18

Excellent Mechanic, Very Courteous and Polite, Answered my questions. Very Punctual Neat and Clean. I Highly Recommend him for German cars.



Ford F-150
on June 19

It was a busy day for Kiri but he showed up, replaced the starter, and got me back on the road. You can tell he knows what he is doing and is prepared to get the job done. He also has some interesting conversation. All around great service and I will be requesting him next time I have an issue.

on July 26

Kiris is a really good worker. He works very clean and very knowledgeable about his work I will recommend him to anyone



Saturn Vue
on June 03

I found Kiri very knowledgeable, professional, courteous and punctual. He was happy to answer any of my questions. I would recommend YourMechanic for auto repairs.

on July 16

Kiri is a very competent mechanic, as well as a true all around professional. It`s always a pleasure to deal with Kiri.


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Dodge Neon
on October 22

Kiri came out in the cold and drizzle to do a serpentine belt replacement, during his inspection he noticed that my tensioner assembly was shot so he got me a new estimate for those services as well..he was on time, and very nice. I will DEFINITELY will asking for him again!



Lexus ES350
on August 30

Kiri did a good job with changing my brake pads and rotors.. while test driving it we noticed a slight noise but we came back and he re-checked all the tires and made some adjustments and did a re-test where we had no issues.. service took about 1.5 hours vs the estimated time of 4 hours which was good as well.

on October 21

Kiri is professional, honest and easy to work with. It was my first experience with using YourMechanic and it couldn't have gone better. I'll be booking Kiri for most of my future car maintenance needs.

on May 22

Kiri was very professional and completed work in a timely manner. He also provided me with estimate for additional work that is needed for my car. I will definitely be requesting him to come back to complete that work.

on May 12

Kiri was terrific. He showed up when he was supposed to and was done much faster than I expected. I would definitely call him again for my next service!

on January 08

Kiri was unbelievably talented, patient, and thoughtful. I feel like this will probably be one on my great consumer experiences, possibly of all time!!! This guy is very experienced, and the ability to access this level of talent without leaving my house has really opened my eyes to the power of the internet! Thank you Kiri !!!

on December 24

Kiris was a great mechanic. He showed up right on time was very kind and helpful and did his work thoroughly and quickly. He also was willing to answer other questions I had about my car. I would definitely hope to get him again the next time I use Yourmechanic

on November 09

Kiri was great...... I had lots of questions and he did his best to answer all of them. Kiri is very professional.,and he was prompt and ready to work when he showed up.

on October 15

Kiri once again put my vehicle back on track. He truly is a skill to his craft and I will use his craft from now on. He has me telling my family and friends to have repair work done by a professional mechanic that you can trust.



Honda Accord
on December 20

He reached on time, did requested job properly and finished early as per given duration. Inspected car as well. I found his work quite good and worth.

on November 01

Kiri was able to quickly identify the problem. He arrived 15 minutes early and has a very pleasant demeanor. I feel at ease with letting him work on my car.

on November 02

Best decision EVER!!! Kirk came thru like no other. He was on time, kind, courteous, knowledgeable & understanding & most of all...HONEST and is now on the list for my family's One & Only Mechanic! He went above and beyond and got my Black Beauty up and running in time for my birthday weekend as well as gave me a quote for an oil change and rear break pad replacement on the spot! Praying him much success and will refer him to friends and family. I can't thank him enough.



Dodge Stratus
on August 04

Kiri was professional, timely and friendly. I would definitely request him again. Also, I appreciate the level of communication prior to the appointment.

on October 30

This was my second appointment with Kiri and I stand by what I said in my previous review. He's professional, polite, and always arrives in a timely manner. I absolutely recommend him for any services you need done.

on August 17

Very knowledgeable and made every attempt to make sure i knew exactly what was potentially wrong with my vehicle and recommended solutions to said problems!

on September 29

Showed up on time. Very friendly and professional. The problem was more complex than I thought so I had to order a part but I booked him again because I want him to do the work when it gets here.



Acura RSX
on September 30

Perfect experience! Kiri was courteous and efficient in completing my service. He also let me know of any other services my car may need in the near future. He also showed me how to reset my "maintenance needed" light (something my previous mechanic failed to clear during an inspection). Hopefully Kiri is available in the future for any service needs!

on August 16

Kiris was on time , very polite and knowledgable. The service was performed and he reviewed the car and found the possible cause for my rattling problem

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